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abecedarium .| . . . |. hash

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chalk warp always arms -: masts law . jaw strands any >x mast bank car gas strands = start :xx malls bar | bags part clap : jaw : crack raw last :& canvas drawn plan claw :.> lay :<: flag #: barns

energy levels tell every stretched shelters sedge # whether stretch ~ step well reedy reef = never :_- depth revery #=: need ^&~ reed ~_| she retry step | held :_ etched energy emergence sketches

blink finding knit dying drinks sixth circling lists miss stick lining .:= midnight rim +|> slight lists skin risks wings night think disk fix twist wish sixth flight crisis city & pick sticks

bloody ^| storm zoo #_= post workshop bow color dolls ghostly so <.^ dots brown # lost london cloth .=^ drown gold ... flood cook :>^ moths ^& two bloody |.= to-do > throws #|> blocks stool +&

lung lucky dust junk purl |. run pull :: turn struts dusty hum just such struck us put slung murky bulb bury cups gut push husks sums slung x^ duty sums such pull null fungus cut full & bulk hurry =&:

had =. asphalt always bank grammar past part waltz . plant warm bars =~~ had slant strands arc walk stalks | last-day days =^ always flash ax flaw last-day maps -> balls all syntax any _+# tar

emergency klezmer stems redeem herself tents cement dwell stems science where dwell stem resplendent text essence messenger essence tenders weld tent &|| mesh ledger reverse december lever where

winds midnight click wings within typing ~# within .:x bind wish grid drip |^ slipping spills ship scripts thirst flying is sink fix brick split & miss bit mill drip rigging &.~ physics miss links

onto room spool footholds .x> block hot ghosts boot follow floor fools orb photos rows long row brook <&# wrong onto .- spoons grows two short cook x^ workshops &<: now |> spoons from ghost flow .

jump wrung pull bully struts ~^ rush murky fungus cup struts buzz flung gut guns :&. duty &-# lungs &: hum | turns gulf bulk culm sums put jump thrum lung junk thrum sun duluth & lung guns rusty

man plan swarm landmarks grand _ man flag walls tall scar crash flash transact : cat last-day wards arts landmarks catalysts small lack radar barn hat trashcan dams :# clap . calls wash salt half

drew we tree . type held bells tenets key bender stem & sentence ever rhyme tent well tent chest chess -&: september checker jet x dyke elements melt net sedge set science depth needle nest tree

swings < risky ^.# strings spinning stitch |:| bind rib ~ circling trying mill limit stick insights signs rigging twisting swing :: cycling till &- drifting midnight mill shifting mind spilling

no soon - moon soot soon ghost no boys &<# brown wood throws of holy throng holy not co2 so howl |+ fog slow shock pool towns how lock +^ book top gold worn -:+ boys proof glow plot copy tolls

null duluth rusty bulk cup bury push us turns |~ lucky dusty dust = bulb buzz up = rusty murky = curl turns dusk lung wrung bully blur .x| just pull thrum dusty blur push push -| duty struts rungs

balls land : art stalks wax -^. craft trash glass awkward stamps any :^ baby path latch trashcan asl | crack flash tar masts =_ slant & flag bar ash < mary carts tap & canvas day dawn clamps gray

me +. dwell essence red-sky |< bender deserts :~= smell etched settle desert & depths levels press deep deep : well present :: empty rest <~& red-sky ~ sew spend spew kept stretched perfect hymnless _

spilling =: with :- sink inch nightly spills shirt ink bits flying ink rib its x: trying imprint shifting & swimming &| wiry within city 3-ring mist wind midst cliffs his his implicit prints dying

sow chlorophyll smooth took old-school top >~ post rooms -:: floors cross cook & boys pond & floor moon holy scroll : bowl torn short shorn spoon plow loss glow both moons forms so root :~ towns

fur flux pulls pump blur & hush pump gulf slung push +& purl turns pull rust spun turns run flux hunt dusty cut put bulb pump turn rust trucks curl dust struts x pulls x- bulb > curl burn run

swarm crack trans flags lazy grammar many lazy < cars clasp < carts anyway that += vacant fall skyward asl cards grassland pawn |: parts facts knapsack grand pathways lay black claw back shards

here cell letters degrees science cells reverse redeem :: sleepy belly melted settle emergency belts need cell between embedded were &+: get texts x melt skewed level .< vessel seek hypertext

spill wish twist hill |- swiftly links spill fists circling .~ striking miss its _#. limit tiny & din pin grip think spills _ in with living wind pinning slight first in birth script writing ringing <&_

howl worlds n-body scroll long doors proof locks cyborg chlorophyll smoky glory pool two god footholds smooth no photo sow tool n-body <= spoons slowly fold shorn +&: lock moss words top worlds

gulf pull junk rung turn junk hunt ::: rung clump fungus null # pump slung . sun husks skull rung duty # clump dusk struts just bully turn thrum gulf x: skull gulf full fur :. purl fur burn churn

lack law jaw +| wards man #x. farm grammar fact knapsack martha _=x fast > gas what graph hard faraway mark payday crash at tall stalks an am stars ~ landmarks & an drawn many lazy grand =&# grass &&

herself dew :: helm street | centers sews . bells science degrees tree emergent < next & ever rest ||= well smell next sleepy reed # desert feed ze drench bend steed |:~ melt sleep cells cell

rigging typing drinks . sink disk _ twisting : chill shifting thirst birds which &~= bright filing gifts :: grip climb gripping its striking shiny stick high ^| shiny first limit brick rim girl

bomb shows cloth roll grows zoo tomorrow moss onto cloth &^< noon loop floor brown strong top snows bomb workshop shop now sow plow rock snow world . blood london knot hydrology footholds for

husks dust churn bus flux study bulb rust hunt junk trucks pull put burn slung hunt jump gun & cups flung full _=- murky us gut blur . bulk lungs dust sun fur +> struck cups fungus struck =~<

jazz flat was scar lamp hall saw plan data :- mask dark :~< gay malls warp and : can sack +x ahab draw bars am hat wax am transact . drawn +=> clap mast +^ latch cat pathways stamp | clasp car

fretless stems shelter meet steed ~^ where green step & strewn streets belly cell system-level | lens embeddedness :& these seemed ## bends every where cherry ze .>& memex x| beer chess .>x bells

ringing pins i sticky spring signs inch flying risks fists prints rising _-: links +>| spill stitching <&: whisky mill bits winding rising & list sing : swings city living += bird typing inch

wolf chlorophyll :&& long snows smoky -+ goods spoon throw root n-body symbols no low cold on : to-do =& color forgot goods shown slows |# storms footholds copy clock strong hollow for world ghosts

pulls sun hum jump curl just - put duluth - trucks wrung :.> husks hush burn duluth fur thrum curl +^ bulb turns && dust gulf wrung purl duluth churn purl gulf :.: up rung hunt : burn #: spun

walks wax drawn graph asl dams marks clamps stars caps glass flaw faraway chalk martha hall _ vacant wax crash chalky say laws mast that mast bars glass shady &: hat plan mast _&: clamps lazy ::

stretched screws tree .: tents reverse serve sleep reverse screens weeks deftly energy sleeves desert spew gendered ever sleet wheel news < self pretty ends reference ledger shredded settle then

switch sing twist this .&- his signs rhythmic its vinyl mist wild stick stitch lips disk :# dimly .. birds till = kind ^= disk find thing dying crisis || physics shirt |= wild sticky script crisis :#

flood body drown of blood bog workshop no spool brown brown ~ root town block x ghost floor old rows tomb shorn color own slows forth loss knot bog pools town so flood boots storms ~=| chord soot

gulf churn thrum gulf bulk blur struck duty us pull push ~~ gun duluth junk lungs turns duluth up trucks flung gun just full hum lung lucky push blur bully sun skull hush lucky rusty fur turns

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