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abecedarium .| . . . |. hash

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cast raw ~ hand star . packs black than last-day swarm abyss clap hands vacant =+ bang _| trashcan crash claw |&> drawn . barn baby vast grammar malls vacant & at as stamps .: blank gray : days

strewn elegy . west de pepper ._ see when :# streets .=< reference very ~: smell sweetly _^ bees desert ^- every #& temples me lever september bells |&& steed | helm sweet klezmer me reef energy

rich | circling circling bit script i signs <^: riding >& mind :x midst list insight rhythmic ~ chips this insight fins ringing thing lips shiny gifts bit & prints rhythmic spilling winding stitch

polyphony blown : row loom for +&: blood howl book words ghosts loss | london pond soon plot < zoo . sow top throws strong song storm form(s) spool chords boys for post :. boys ghost brown flow

rung guns purl rusty pump cups hunt dust fungus bulk bully gun wrung rush | rusty thrum gut plumb slung >^: flung skull pump slung > gulf struts spun flux murky buzz hurry clump purl sums rusty

swamps #:< craft & arcs :=& mast saw &< hard &: jar black -~& fast maps swamps ^ fast path craft crash carts :< warp payday x|| bad slant hallways art ~-_ lay & landmarks - bars malls :> craft &|

rhyme gentle cycles :^: flew there scythe enter speech :& prey messenger tenets empty dyke fever remembered -+ gender x& needs bee science =&| feet ^:< eye _ ether bender stretch | strewn feed

bind pick risks! ivy spills : risky | bit shifting && signs swing drinks |#= blink girl : ringing dimly drinks ivy girl silk spills thing : kind =:| list _#& pin +| climbing din strings gifts

co2 smoky cloth #+ rocky +: soot proof spoon robots wrong no long food -~: loom & worlds stock tools boys known pool short own rocks off rows bow row sow flows pond locks hydrology &.& own form(s)

lucky husks :& study struts . gut rusty put dust plumb run |&: fungus => push > up pull bus | pump = culm :x buzz cup dusk curl turns hunt husks just hunt bury &x& trucks bulb struck murky run

man wards playback sand craft trashcan plan flag =_ ahab syntax flaw trans jar lash damp data cast gas always landmarks &x mary saw that strands chalky abstract plant lamp martha asphalt pads

settle west bee ^ edge depth drew stem : jet keen held ::# press mend tents :x& they between mesh | chess enter deeper tents && wheel cycles stems ^+ keen reedy new never herself spend eyes tender +

mill crisis spinning city drip twist stick mythic whisky limit drifting shifting slipping spilling |>= tin _# rings bright nights := digits vinyl ==. swimming things thirst bird 3-ring inch king

color photos shows ^x^ plywood &&# robots brook n-body soon tools snows two shops loom school copy >+ word chlorophyll too-long follow books workshop spoons workshop body &&~ growth forms slow

rush just >x# blur run turns such full purl skull hum culm jump spun cut hush blur husks x= clump guns = plumb <& slung trucks null burn churn # slung pulls flung plumb ^| turns thrum ##= clump

hands awkward all =:= arts +. star backward trash stand martha arts hands flag fall balls packs - masts <|< mask arcs chalk +| than ||= cast + swarm ax landmarks ~:& lazy x> fact .= stamp x day

edge sent gendered _=| present dependence letters sleep gender sleeves sketches dwell smell spend < when september sheets emergency there never reverse science feed ends tenderness slender spell

finding hill -. third #. swiftly it thirst it click mist climbing risks birth insights find king till climb & split prints sticks wings |~ wild thick lightning # dim film lifting king & stitch

chlorophyll ^^ low work cyborg door plot looms |> glow knots tolls ##| noon symphony cook | storm pools floods tooth smoky topology log rock root polyphony now soot >.< shop ghostly fold ~+~ slows

struck + junk rust gulf ::: thrum sums duty bus rusty rung rusty turns :#^ up pulls gulf guns cups flux rungs = buzz bus _& gulf +<# gun ~~> flung curl buzz pull murky slung just |: dusty turn

back calls scrawl rays ||| can branch vacancy backward wax +:^ trans marks rays __. ash lamps :& thank hands thank chalky vacancy + cards stalks ax clamps mary mark flags ::: arts call stand plans :

blend gendered reef been text better sews myself swept + texts sleepy . free tell | klezmer jet reverse drew street x^x energy we fell weft senses re shredded renderers verb : melted gendered :#|

rigging missing this &: sink criss-cross nightly thin swimming stitching things 3-ring sing filing film links > digit filing &x lifting cliff + slight wild slipping lists wiry shirt king wiry

goods rocky knot storms log ^ bowl boots proof +^ folk row box form shows shock down +._ hold x~ photo boot :& footholds cool drowsy ::: wolf footholds ~>| wolf drop stock slow clock fools doors

skull struts fungus # guns jump rust slung hum flux ~ bus put -.= blur churn plumb duty =# slung bus curl clump churn dusk guns clump thrum gun hunt ^^ turns push sums null churn _ bulb plumb

any plans abyss skyward plans track walls scar stars plant transact swarm & land abstract backward harp flat cast transact #^~ chalk wars land jar salt mast backward cards :+= skyward branch grand

set embeddedness pepper ether cells skewed ends emergent hey :^| speech between & de fretless sews never &: cycle dwell ~ feet && remembered pretty relentless kept needle spew | sheet restless

lining think king windy | light glint : third & lit kind shining split missing sticks slight birth inch x& scripts |^| striking spinning : rim wish tight grid sing =< criss-cross =^ bright glint |#

tools folk body smooth so moths known clock rocks snow roots cold story how & known wool > top glow gold _#. workshop bomb goods boys throng smoky worlds cold chlorophyll slow snows storm hot

turns run wrung curl rust culm rungs churn rush us struck rusty bulb :^ put curl sums full murky | fungus lungs |: such full + hush struts husks flux .<= up murky plumb blur hum -.& bulb sun skull

knapsack wax grass bar tar arc any walks call =>. scrawl vacant -== part plan vast plant mask waltz masks stamp glassy clamps plans swan sang walls wash scrawl hands grasslands : shards has abyss

stems resplendent dyke _:: they press skewed steed meet sets stretched nets stretched essence hypertext shelters sleep sleeves <.= remember desert emergent resplendent |+x nets weld these sweet

filing mind city whisky ... fists typing signs climbing lifting :_ thick high spinning gifts rim birth : mist pick & bit links din tight ~< this high dirt shirt icy disk fins ship shifting dim

moon |=x glow blood :> loom tolls torch .#< tomb food &x boot form rocks plot forms hollow xx bog worn stool down tools drown .:& so floods smooth door copy worlds = torn wood # drown song pond &&=

rush turn guns rusty thrum bus hurry purl &. thrum buzz =_| cut dusty culm pulls clump dusty churn cut fungus :: trucks pull dust = dusty duluth jump lucky x|# husks purl struck slung wrung murky

flaw +<| dams last-day =|& hand |< man grammar gray cards nap lazy .: scar ^ at :: laws talk claw lazy abyss bags caws has plans dams was : canvas bang -#+ grand abyss art far .: arcs swan jar

dyke net &<~ streets levers meet chevy revery net :< dwell .:: ledger need klezmer key well pepper sheets flew := sews texts web retry tent shelf senses she grew emergency =:> fever spell cycle

limit lifting . glint drifting visits dirt writing criss-cross climbing fish dirt lit trying swings fish sticks -. flying :| thirst winds disk rich lit spilling pick wings within lily . digits

brook of roots + off loss > zoo shop =&: lost < old-school ~ scroll blood grows brown rolls shop to-do n-body .&_ copy == boys moon tool drop so #. slows stool block down down +: chords <>_ blown =:#

lucky flung jump spun rung just =<: dusk guns guns &>& rusty lucky struts dusk bulk =-& curl :> lucky bury full push duty & buzz fur cut hush < cups husks pump duluth thrum :& culm plumb clump

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