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abecedarium .| . . . |. hash

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draw knapsack claw &|- flag path flat lay stamp dark walks > bang tar ^~+ hall fractal caws barns clamps am x=& play x: data last-day thatch faraway has . dams ax salt +<# skyward stalk star -

stem reference bell better t-cell senses eyes shelters news de . bell never yet -&| bender pressed =< never | letters pressed speed .: renderer _&~ vertex energy ether dyke fell scythe &-x t-cell

rigging limbs dimly imprint this spring tight &x flying fix rim limbs ^ visits : rings drip tiny high _ swimming :-| cycling click mind winding bind signs king climbing flying spring pitch >|

looms ->& slows loop slowly root ^|_ drop clockworks :> roots =+. rows throng _ now torn locks storms orb floods . boy boot noon dots knots flow books moon rock town wrong lost tolls loop #& clocks

pull dust churn rush duty pulls study up hum # cut put turns struts husks jump := rusty flung duty = dust bus bus rung struts bury cut churn duluth cups skull up rungs turns fur wrung full hurry

slant branch lazy :~^ an caws blank masks <.^ law wards maps scar : ash awkward hat vacant ward car abstract knapsack ahab track masks pathways vast ray >>+ parts && canvas awkward crack nap day

eye smell := center : checker cells terms pressed these ..= stretched depths belly sleepy bend cherry betweens deeper relentless screens elements screws embedded green bender &. system-level stretch

risky : lights riding tiny shift bird &< spill living swift pick gifts bird ribs _ bit bird wish his stitch =: stitching .= implicit circling film slight pins light strings wind :# nightly bird

form old :| clock books n-body moon =^_ torch root =:+ snows tomb knot hot &| folk proof & spoon body shop ghostly stop rocks color rock goods ~.& school shock rows floor >:- song && hydrology &&

pump && null buzz skull junk culm buzz up | curl thrum &+ such > rusty gulf rush =:| bulk dusk struts pulls # pump bury cut + churn gun ~& struts : dust junk cups struts bully rungs study & flux

always draw >| warm baby lay scar & what bad fast stamps baby vast flags lack wash & law farms jazz bar rays &. man walls pathways what trans was last rays mass bad gay |> mast salt stamp syntax

dependence steed shelf sew eye | texts level bend renderer new cells cell get few system-level checker herself ends elegy endless mesh sent feed here chevy sew tent > few ^=: system-level street

rip swift stitching find sing which bind &#: which | click silk sing hill finding climbing swings _ thin slight grit visits swiftly swiftly ~:~ sign blink insight singing bind strings night rings

ghost workshop . song howl ~ spoon fool .& root =| looms cold low storm symphony looms smooth chlorophyll form(s) ~ wood >& form(s) howl to stock word |+ ghost snow boot -= howl shows bomb + form(s) <

buzz curl fur hurry rungs clump ^&| duluth -- flux :-< rung :- rusty buzz x purl sums .: clump bulk duty sun | pulls such jump struck . spun just ~ burn push bulb hurry us rungs < rungs husks

at paths playback way far as drawn ::: grassland ax | art :. harp fall hand walks last-day cat : syntax masks .&& baby gay wards jar canvas swamps plant gap(s) thank maps arts =.= at graphs walk >=:

tent deeper rhyme grew blend klezmer letters ^ deck green tenderness tender systems depths ~.& next he red << dense sleep trees science sweetly essence weeks |=. step checker shredded &= mesh

icy inch i girl > physics tight __. swimming spinning sticks prints think infinity dying till lights shining wind rhythmic script spinning twisting insight thin simply circling stitch tiny 3-ring =|=

snows : photos bloody roll crowds york shows only co2 lock crowds x: door gold slowly photos row world rooms scroll world => on goods loom -.. spool . slow form(s) for fog town topology chlorophyll

junk fur junk sums skull bully cup bulk null turn put turn burn lung null turn sun cup :~ turns : pump > cup rust junk gut null pulls hurry dust sun duty hurry .& cut fungus bury fungus buzz hum

spark bar away mast : chalk car grammar past sang crack starry lay had flag land play balls far trans arc claw awkward grass radar law barn jaw swan grammar gay paths |& malls shady start swan

reef shelters energy dependence sews screws resplendent seemed lens shredded tent reference there essence center tell elegy very chess >:: belts :. new stretched :&. these &: centers science red-sky

grip <~ dying dimly kind thick dim striking glint filing mill _x# night string lips its risky twisting sticky dimly criss-cross midnight : tight pins strings swirling shifting wind +^ lit riding

worn slows locks tomb shock god body smoky not = throng shops copy -< blown or : loss zoo workshops =: floor throw london n-body &_& fool workshop loom brown form(s) tomb thrown boot drop from

gut sun pump hunt put bully : hunt guns hunt lucky guns lucky murky struck flux turns put duty rusty = bury duluth just bully ^ gut study lungs = junk bulk cut pump us gut bury curl plumb x._

payday = as plant land arms grand trash :># saw _.. what gay payday way baby :> transact branch hard anyway lamps caws fast .- hard mary gray many | tall mary baby masks wars saw stalks hallways

smell shredded deeply hypertext shelters been . see sews _:. re tree ^^. steel press |.^ cycles free _:. systems .:& restless type shelf <:: strewn -|> hymnless skewed kept jet renderer _+> these

bit thin |:+ flying insights rhythmic mill ink bills tin things : risks night visits spinning climb dying gripping hill split wild script it fish : grit wings windy _ slipping - dirt chips sink

stop pool moss or ::& of >_x tools ghostly :. cross blood only cook +&~ knots #_. shows tooth fog blocks slows off colors books == roll :x: n-body so & to-do down box onto look := worlds god x&

cups struts turn spun slung murky :x lungs turns fungus gun hush &&# fur : turn push bulb trucks us put skull dusk blur dust <+ turn cup dusk buzz rush & rush | full x:& pump lungs struck rung _:

at any sand vacancy catalysts half _ trashcan wash flag =& had swarm flaw away fractal grammar art _ clap far stars = strands swan masts gay that away + stand crash radar start slam playback caws

dew >& steed myself systems stretched shelf pepper revery seemed left keen x= grew sweet energy stretched emergency - spew she system serve reverse skewed =_ senses bend belly scythe very mesh

blink stick script this winding swimming limbs mind king &+: spinning .x# tight ~x+ wings =_ chill . swiftly _:& bird spinning circling climb typing lit >= vinyl dimly risks implicit flying .:

ghosts >&+ moths cyborg boot proof foot robots throws copy || wool .& no _| stock form(s) box brown loom snow shows floors only old box storms spool noon smoky song rows wool dots :& scroll ghosts

dusk duluth bulk rungs jump buzz trucks -| rusty burn struts purl gulf run . push := dusty &< wrung sums dusty gun curl us turn run rush curl dusty :x| murky up hush dusk run .+x null flung wrung

hard grasslands hands trans ^ starry gas awkward wars balls ..= trash sack transact farm baby &: raw abstract blank craft say &- balls strands ray thank jaw dams farms fractal clamps stars tracks

wheel >& west screws free dwell center lens tents + cycle >: strewn bend bends chess ^:& street tenderness perfect bell x:| type grew .^x spend need gender -_> needle energy systems shredded renderer =

ink pitch swift spills inch link limbs rings &+> winds tin swirling within insights glint shifting think ^ fins risks! silk ~-: thick limit x: tight ink i #&- blinking infinity rhythmic ^< lips

root photos moons stop world tool from plywood throng short food top moon row only look shop boys shops &&. snows brook scroll clockworks spoons spool ghostly school lost form stop plywood slow

hum dusk gut |_ cut guns + fungus = hum = pump flux lucky gut spun dust =x rust put _.| junk &:# gut ^|^ blur trucks lung lungs &=| rush pulls rush dusk fungus cut bulk burn study duluth such .=

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