vowel poems :::

night train blue window

abecedarium .| . . . |. hash

[] . +.+ => <= go back

am asl flag than shady + grand &&^ lamps any flags |<: glassy anyway &^ ahab farms saw > back = masts wax =: packs scrawl barns rays balls art cards back masks mast ==. say masks way drawn malls

needs degrees letters . bee even perfect etched restless feet blend tenderness street webs >& present >+ streets science spend hymnless weft between blend dependence &| scythe essence empty reeds

stitch ^>& if things lifting |_: lit living string shining spring #. his & pick climb chill = knit thick :: cliff lists things things cliff wiry #|| shiny bits :| sign +: within bird grit shifting #

slowly torch boys polyphony + forgot floors worn ._ flow flow tomb old =&x cyborg form bog floor grows pool photo folk plow ^#: only - loom not god moss copy workshops . books tooth x:- shock

trucks curl .## put rust fungus just up struts sun study - gut curl blur bury pull duluth sun full rush _:> flux burn null thrum duluth :~~ push bus hush flung :-& such hurry bulk plumb fungus

graph latch was flags grammar slam |x carts :<& wars bad : sang flaw am an masks tall arcs : landmarks jaw _:^ awkward lamp bang thatch always fractal bank syntax back - salt knapsack arcs wars

her screws |&- feel |& very tenderness sews gentle chest green sheets de renderer empty net type reeds |. deep -<< shelters +&= pretty sleep myself elegy eye = sleepy +.& we whether center yet >

lit &&= sink tightly bind rib if ^^^ shift pins flint with :: fins 3-ring silk wind lips writing in if #_ insights dimly swing simply milling thin .& chips stick link . third #: skin &> till is

blown lock growth .|- two fool &.= photo tool flows bloody london . own cloth root : food shop stop rocky dots polyphony clockworks n-body only shop how < wrong photos sow topology books forms

put flux lucky husks =^. bus > hush x+| flux up clump husks turns &. hurry just trucks lungs dusk run gulf husks purl lung buzz rusty bury :: clump curl bulb bulb struck hurry rungs us slung sun

chalky crash masts masts <:: had mass jaw - bang salt syntax what caps grassland & farm >== knapsack |<> chalky car canvas grasslands asphalt bang gay marks =|: stand ax thank . laws skyward cat

red-sky gentle press <&= needle redeem => empty verb deer street elegy &~ feet cycle deeply tense very sentence drew xx shelters new =^ december &^| spend deer whether be red-sky welder retry &&.

wish criss-cross :&_ glint blinking things ~| prism finding it =: slipping physics #>& tiny < twisting slight this blinking rhythmic +& find glint gripping limit ivy criss-cross king miss wings <

floor forgot tomb spoons low book locks drown : book flow moth & photo long school :: roll drop towns how howl drop smoky worn loss loop cool slowly &. god ghosts too-long -<: shock moth shorn -

flux husks spun bulk x wrung :.: dusk rust hush fungus bulb hum &+_ gun gulf lucky dusty rusty spun junk ^: bury blur clump fungus |= hunt dusty |_# full push & pump hunt -~= thrum duluth bus

half <&: bad path fast |^. glass = barns plan :~ sand awkward stamp jaw way gap(s) hall away : hard |&| man fast glassy ways days many bank :+ start lazy slam #&# glassy last :& ways warm can

betweens welder >_~ system lens grew few need |# sent bells levers length ever system-level we cherry _&: drew feed :: lever ^. gentle reef blend there lens weft deck there betweens never melt

physics fists script icy 3-ring fish king film simply := night kind shifting circling shining :>~ swiftly =&. switch hill drinks fins sticks shifting spills missing mind fists pick this .&= singing

torch footholds forgot foot fog footholds plywood shows hollow shops &|= rooms spoon goods foot row drown bowl plywood #-& stool rows to-do pond n-body torn log chords onto top tooth |:> folk =^+

bulb study rung plumb lucky just full bully lucky >:= dust . flux trucks jump dusk hum just rungs # hum cut x& bulk lucky + skull rusty bury culm fur culm # pull cup jump - struck dusk murky study

last-day transact |& ahab hat glassy canvas fast & dams masks salt map hands far grasslands vacant ways _: abyss martha glassy clap half lay graph abyss barn skyward any scrawl ward slant grassland

spew letters grew perfect feel & mend tense get enter seek resplendent redeem eyes | embeddedness september ether left :. renderer west be stretch tell september energy bell x- perfect bends type

think ~ shirt sign flint rim light spinning sign _ night | cliffs its stitch dim chips mythic midnight knit filing shift twist :+ this swiftly -= strings flying & ship dim .=: things tiny city

both ghost rocks moths two boot cool = cyborg n-body bow slow fork drown shows snow thrown throng cook sow form(s) log known x=& rocky = london - folk story boots old-school boys food n-body log &<.

lung lucky gut : flung rung bulk rust cut sums lucky bulb fur bulk just sums struts burn dusk duluth bulk burn run gulf purl hunt . duty purl guns :~< cut run rust rust # buzz lucky junk study

clasp tall |x scar flat raw fast | dark .: way >= claw maps balls packs x^ dams what masks +:: fractal map fact grasslands martha nap stars grassland farms ash malls graphs ash sack |: plan lazy :

new hey eye &= gendered grew street shed embedded emergent .= fell sheets december pressed when == every there stretch |.= sweep webs seek she re emergency needle fever tell reference smell present

cycling #:= bright drinks spinning dying trying ivy spinning ~&. typing dimly thirst link nightly +: inky rising visits |< rib filing link lights -x< dim spinning high sticky =: writing rising

bowl box too-long loom := flows |<> books plywood spool photo =<> storms root && rows loom =|> boys word # holy &| or two locks bowl wool tooth + log locks crow footholds own footholds >:- old |^.

just clump run dusk duty gulf curl cut hurry trucks purl pump : fur trucks jump =| struts dust bulb &^- flux clump study guns struck &#< hunt gut hum struck guns =_ push lungs lung null duluth

cards hallways days cards an maps anyway hands bang flash bank shady map grammar #.& branch ways branch rays marks plans tracks flag shards :=| walls dawn dark payday faraway tap stars and thank

reverse < shelf news sentence renderers seemed her be dense klezmer emergence sweet : spew bells system <:| tenders drew ->& her >& smell ##+ she stretched grew tenders were memex temples _: pen =+

sticky windy singing flint flying stitch light stick simplify mist shiny lightning >< split striking risks cliff infinity twist miss strings fish riding shiny bird ^ milling ringing prism drifting

looms school blocks boot drowsy =x# blood rooms how | school ::> work cyborg tomorrow colors . took boots scroll bloody :& too flood cold moths moss roots off knot fool onto ~:& bomb storms floods

jump bury =_# burn x: duluth just bus curl struck .:& husks bury bulk +#> spun rust clump us sums lungs bully bus struts junk rung || duluth bury duluth gut push burn jump sun .| bury murky duty

arts waltz +: chalk marks thank |- abstract all #+ glassy slam thatch &:< past as small =# bar malls many gas latch :~ stalk plans &>+ wards vacant chalky blank bang = gas lack : trans grammar

ether steed verb betweens embedded steel messenger spend next empty system-level kept centers ledger + next .~- december drench |^ vertex < scythe tenets length speech energy dyke sentence feet ~

wing high ^: risks cycling tight silk lifting spinning & limit x& drifting rising wild icy skills rigging dirt : grid .+ if mill spring - missing rings spinning prism . singing pitch _&= risks!

colors foot #-: hot cold &> towns ::^ food =& body cyborg york spoon && moth world tomb soon shorn floor world moons tolls x of looms short pond symphony flow blood onto cold photo hollow worlds

cups pull clump cup plumb blur study spun struck hum null duty sun dusk spun gulf >: gut clump clump blur gulf burn lucky cups . sun cups bully & just blur rush plumb skull : pull rush rush flux

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night train blue window
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