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abecedarium .| . . . |. hash

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last payday | chalky lamps had warp grassland many ray ray maps >^& swarm walls tall . ward all has | art drawn |-: harp jar lamps bar start &^+ branch & last-day thank .^ marks x-^ stars =:-

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gripping thick bills wild living link sticks pitch wings _| wiry gifts - 3-ring striking in living icy swift flint slipping =. chill risk thick :& mill dying pinning x|& spilling - drip insight &x^

too-long town tooth fork spoons from own &: moths loop : shock tomorrow fork boy moths for chord topology boot ghostly on moons torch post &|& form(s) locks forms =|+ london tomorrow chords slow

bulk lung us null just bulk turn . sums cut rush rungs # pulls hunt rungs turn us cups duluth bury blur cup bulb jump && gun turns bus culm such .=| hum pump rung fungus = bulk dust | pull bus

mark hand vacant days hard damp branch laws >x vacant had back days part &=+ fall mary laws mask |^: last-day : arms spark ray trans warp =x jaw way bars <: glassy craft clamps laws at nap bars

present webs lens :. cell trees blend cycle tense wheel meet embedded senses tense hey revery news bent restless held sheets dense . west she yet system-level ether retry ~ they =_ key endless -&:

pin finding tight == rising drifting is sticky spinning mill spinning dirt first drifting bright dying twisting click it simply ribs &|& swirling spills -: pick swings stitching gifts rigging

loom x.| soot shops on &_x blood ~_: photos moons glow stock ::^ symbols brown fork follow ghost cool &. fork dolls for ^ hot drowsy =^: log floods now plow throws n-body zoo :<. two book doors

null ~<^ turn flux struck duluth pump lung bully duty bulk guns struck lungs rush push run < lung husks =-^ rush sun such junk fur gulf -:^ flung guns burn jump culm gut run &^ blur flux &&^ cup

claw wax small :&+ vast := gap(s) dark saw jar sand shards trash away draw sand |>x landmarks =_~ part clap transact clap clap awkward cast transact bags jar map abyss lay map raw carts vast cars

ends see |&+ kept spend : sew cherry ether deck rest messenger ^_. depths be embeddedness next tent sleep ^< chevy vessel very center she red every sleep vertex prey speech new green me > edge

gripping grip rings bird physics fish is spilling singing gifts =^: filing swiftly sixth bits wild rich wish sticks climbing lifting pin criss-cross signs which cycling .+& stick drip climbing

color <: root shows top boy spoons shops : moon book . stop locks clocks footholds crow ghostly roll moon wrong slow only _&: plywood boot -^> noon smooth slow row for > plots ~-| soot blown body

bulb dust churn &|: just #|+ husks cups rungs x. thrum bury rush hurry fur pull sun fur null =+= sums turn rungs burn : buzz x cups rush trucks xx husks cup fur us rungs =&: thrum flung gun bulk

stamp bars law .: dark warp packs ash part crack marks car slant waltz dawn hat ^_ thank &:+ small thank stalks cars swamps mass ahab ^= cast canvas lazy abstract farm warm slant fact crash fall

step blend scythe levers speech sedge # cycle seed bees step sets :&: tense well .- web sweetly elegy &= restless >:= sheet spell _|= de shed tenders bells vessel get tense feel => reference #

imprint && glint risky chill |:& city ::x city slight pitch _~ dirt finding drifting wind film tin slight which strings - third 3-ring swing swirling stick :- gifts insights writing simply sing

looms not boots scroll -: photos symphony throws hydrology goods goods folk to +. loss too-long hold worlds door knots copy world thrown _^~ flow robots orb wood glow stool spool .-> long tolls .:

just rungs gulf curl jump murky slung cups dusty hunt burn culm < sun rush rungs dusty .. gun rust study dusty cups rush slung rung ~ murky run bus pull dusty just churn bury pull hum =: duluth +~

knapsack half :~ facts bags arcs can <.= pawn glass thank art swarm < stalk track day star walk canvas gay last-day waltz land small jar lash awkward hall dawn ~ harp _<: small stamp stalks back

smell .: sets elegy revery :. senses vertex spew && scythe sleet trees deeper ze +:| sent eye # emergency redeem :| sleet skewed :.: feet re resplendent lever next dew embeddedness centers retry

infinity bits .|= this = things scripts icy fins drifting > flint wind mill city stitch tiny milling split circling nightly typing & still lights script ^#- switch it sticks ^:| if fish |& links

chords &-| row .= short york # cook = shorn throng clocks tolls flows work shock flow shorn london pool chord |>. torch crow moon wrong loom noon forgot : food folk box to knot :^= moths top -.&

struck rusty dusk gut struts dust ~ struck rung hum trucks sums &+| gulf _ bus rusty gut rust pull hurry pump flung null dusty :>& skull hum fur pulls churn fur struts fungus full husks us #+

glassy =&_ carts : that balls days tracks far grand maps &+ mass bank graph calls :+ shady marks dawn _| bank warp < wax asl as mark mask had martha salt crack wards man ^. mast am chalk :>= stand

vertex blend mend embedded dependence smell senses skew feel system-level reverse = tell renderer speech hymnless t-cell tense chest seed -| checker deep dew emergency her ::< well self emergent

bills script signs inky winds spilling sing mist i pitch writing tin spilling rings ^ drip spill :=^ dimly risky ^&& lists : sixth disk lists birds bit fix skin film which filing riding third

fools tool polyphony tool thrown boy < world scroll forms blood old ::& flow symphony onto clock school pond wool zoo so smoky #+ moth strong drop lock tomorrow log or +~ pools :.- towns proof

rungs &.: lung murky spun sun just = pump study & hum ><: blur rust churn gun blur &== hunt us wrung clump up trucks rust rust turn dusk dusty turn -_. cup spun gulf hunt bully husks hunt churn

fractal <_& spark laws sand wars = hat .| small : say dark strands . stalk syntax glassy stalk harp slam balls && arcs day man abstract wax tall &x clap x- grand :.. had chalky > arcs & land as

ends eyes sweet melted sleepy rest myself #:+ stretched depth sweet feet stretch nest weld hymnless herself stem texts reverse & stretch next letters > scythe cell net where sweep where flew empty

night rich rhythmic night limbs fins risky cycling - blinking bird lightning sign swings birds wild inch pinning thin stick it script < drifting sixth pitch thin switch click += click fix shifting :

log post too-long foot pool goods follow stock body :_ too-long _ footholds shows tooth :&: pool bow clockworks bomb towns pool boy form known == storms not rows ~| moss soon workshop hollow work >

cup curl cup put pulls churn fungus duluth pull hunt -| rush clump run buzz duluth plumb blur trucks null such put study spun just rungs + lungs ^=: rung just rusty full rungs turns cut :: bus _+

draw arcs stalk x start maps thank masks damp call == trashcan :_ hand mask ray ::: clasp had syntax maps gymnast always backward cat packs fractal rays landmarks payday pads : lay bars bar |

retry ~# melted -^= emergency dew ^<+ sketches needle gendered &=& bends get dwell texts levels remembered temples screens energy remembered spew remember streets seemed levers sweet #:^ elegy

glint rip risks! . lily x| shift milling lists : simplify inky light grid infinity singing rib skin ^& rings risky rings it striking midnight high which twisting ship night finding lightning din

symbols wood x& glory to-do shown soot clock blood &= knot tolls >&# not moth pools knots words spoon spoons off york >:| robots on tooth forth throng town & workshop roots growth roots clocks

duluth blur dusty pulls gut cut ~ guns rusty turn . junk hurry : gut dusty burn bully slung ~ husks ^. buzz rungs bury : cut & cut :&| bus slung hurry up cup bulb buzz plumb slung junk curl rungs

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